Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Unofficial Alkitaab podcasts

My name is Jeremy. I am a graduate student and a teacher of Arabic who started learning Arabic at age 23. I have no Arab or Middle Eastern blood in my ancestry at all. My Arabic proficiency and pronunciation are not perfect, though I have been rated ACTFL superior.

These podcasts are meant to be explicit homework help. This is not how I teach in class. I do not use so much English or teach so much grammar in class. This is an external resource to help you finish your homework and then use your time to learn Arabic in your own style online, with books, or with friends. Get your homework done and then go the extra mile using outside resources to help you master Arabic. Al-Kitaab alone is not enough.

I would like to thank Georgetown University Press for giving me permission to post these unofficial podcasts.

Note that the podcasts are generally in Fusha like the Al-Kitaab series. I add some colloquialisms but the majority of everything is Fusha. For the record, I personally use an integrated approach to teaching Arabic that includes both spoken Arabic and Fusha.

Al-kitaab Chapter 1 Pages 1-9
Al-kitaab Chapter 1 Pages 10-17
Al-Kitaab Chapter 2, pages 18-27
Al-Kitaab Chapter 2, pages27-34
Al-Kitaab Chapter 3, pages 35-42
Al-Kitaab Chapter 3, pages 43-50
Al-Kitaab Chapter 4, pages 51-60
Al-Kitaab Chapter 4, pages 61-68
Al-Kitaab Chapter 5, pages 69-74
Al-Kitaab Chapter 5, pages 75-83
Al-Kitaab Chapter 6, pages 84-91
Al-Kitaab Chapter 6, pages 91-101
Al-Kitaab Chapter 7, pages 102-111
Al-Kitaab Chapter 7, pages 112-123
Al-Kitaab Chapter 8, pages 124-132
Al-Kitaab Chapter 8, pages 133-146
Al-Kitaab Chapter 9, pages 147-154
Al-Kitaab Chapter 9, pages 155-165
Al-Kitaab Chapter 10, pages 166-175
Al-Kitaab Chapter 10, pages 176-184
Al-Kitaab Chapter 11, pages 185-191
Al-Kitaab Chapter 11, pages 192-202
Al-Kitaab Chapter 12, pages 203-211
Al-Kitaab Chapter 12, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 13, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 13, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 14, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 14, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 15, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 15, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 16, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 16, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 17, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 17, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 18, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 18, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 19, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 19, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 20, pages
Al-Kitaab Chapter 20, pages

Comments are most welcome.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put these together. I'm a student at the University of Utah, and I'm really struggling with Arabic 1020. I think this will help me get through the rest of the semester. I only wish I had found it earlier. I even ran it by my professor to see what she thought of it. She liked it enough to bring it up in class and had me email the link to everyone. Thanks!

Andrew Bettinson

Jazz said...

Ya Ustaaz J,

This is ممتاز! Thank you sooo much for compiling this. You rock! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so very much for sharing all your work. It is a great help to me in intermediate arabic at UCLA. Perhaps you should put this all on CD and sell it through Amazon? You are so much better than the book! Linda

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful! I am having difficulty understanding the text, but your podcast explains the grammar rules clearly and concisely. Thank you so much.

Michael said...

wow this is impressive and very helpful. Any way you plan on doing the Second book الكتاب في تعلم العربية الجزء الثاني؟

Anonymous said...

what a great site! thanks for taking the time to make all those episodes... they will definitely be very helpful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this site!!! I am working through alkitaab basicly on my own and your site is a god send. I agree with the above poster, you should do the next book in the series!!!

Mynda said...

Even if you can not get these file on itunes, others can by right clicking and downloading the file or right click save as ( this depends on your operating system as to how it will appear). Then they can easily transfer it to their own personal itunes library or even their ipod. Hope this helps!

Danielle said...

This is eternally helpful and with some good advertisement, I'm sure may more people would visit the site and learn from your expertise. I do wish you had finished this first book, as I am farther than the point at which you stopped. If you polish this up a bit, and extend it some, I'm sure it would make an excellent resume addition (and nothing to be ashamed of). If you are seriously worried about methods, start the second book using the methods you teach with.

There is no other resource like this, so adding it would be innovative and impressive to future employers, not to mention, endless help to students who desperately need it. I wish I had seen it last year when I was learning these chapters for the first time. I hope you haven't totally given up on this project. Just get the word out!

Ustaazj said...

Hello Danielle,

I have more podcasts but I didn't think anyone was interested in them anymore. What chapters would you like me to put up? Eventually I will put up all 40 podcasts (2 for each chapter).


birgin said...

Hi, I found your audio lessons on
I didn't listen them yet but they looks like good works.

In order to collect all the episodes in iTunes or any podcast receiver program you can prepare a podcast RSS file.

For RSS file example:

Good works...

Mishkin said...

this is an amazing resource, my friend just recommended it to me. i have it bookmarked and will spread it.
thanks for taking the time to put it together.

Wade said...


your podcasts are so helpful. thanks so much for making this resource available to al-Kitaab students across the world! I'm a first-year Arabic student, and felt really lost for the first two chapters. I found your podcasts at the very beginning of chapter 3, and am feeling extremely confident now that I've reviewed lessons 1 and 2 "with you."

thanks again!

Thornet said...

Shukran, ustaazj!

My hat's off to you for taking the time to create these podcasts. I began learning Arabic from Al-Kitaab a few years ago in college. As part of my resolution to be a cool old person and learn a new language every decade, I brushed off the books, enrolled in a class, and started learning again. Your podcasts are a perfect supplement. I know many of your users will improve a lot because of them -- inshallah!

-- thornet

giveurdogafrank said...

Thanks for your great work! I have a midterm tomorrow and this is incredibly helpful.

Anonymous said...

This is very helpful - I wish I had found your podcasts earlier. I'm taking Arabic in college via an individualized learning program, so I miss out on getting basic tips and explanations about the text book. (Google Translate has become my close companion.)

Thank you and please continue posting podcasts!

Anonymous said...

Can you please keep these lessons coming!! Thanks a lot. There is no one who provides help with this book and I'm suprised there are no websites that help with this.

equator8 said...

Thank you for this important work!! I love hearing what is in my head and confirming and clarifying what I learn in class. A friend told me about it on the way to school today and I'm glad she did. I like the in a nutshell explanations best. Keep them coming.

Matt said...

Yeah, these are great. Really very helpful. I'm a grad student in Spanish, taking first year Arabic for the second time and these are enormously helpful. As some others have commented, there's not really anything else out there for secondary help with al-kitaab which is surprising being that it really is THE BOOK for learning Arabic. i found this looking around to see if i could somehow download the audio files from the al kitaab dvds onto i tunes. a great find. i would also love to have the post-chapter 12 podcasts, which I am steadily approaching. really appreciate it! شكرا جزيلا

Claudia said...

Like Everyone else, I find these podcasts very helpful and was wondering why you haven't posted the rest.
Thanks for the hard work.

Nickname said...

Shokran Ustath! شكرا جزيلا

I'm now into the Part 2 books and have found that Arabic language "is an Ocean". Somedays I have been as overwhelmed by what I've learned and already forgotten grammar-wise as with the beauty of the language.
Finding your podcasts reinforced my strength for learning, renewed my hope. I appreciate your podcasts for reinforcing what I've learned and giving me strength to continue on. Thank you deeply for such great efforts on your part.
I respect the fact that you need to get back to your dissertation, and insha allah you will finish soon and do very well. You have found a niche here though, of people who appreciate your help in learning Arabic. Thanks for your generous help. I hope you find time and motivation to continue with this kind of project, it's a saving grace for some of us.


Anonymous said...

please post the the post chapter 12 podcast...these are very helpful....

Anonymous said...

These have been very useful in consolidating my arabic lessons at university, shukraan jazeelaan :D

Will you be continuing with the rest of the book? I'm looking forward to it! :D

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.... please continue with this.... incredibly helpful. shukran jazilan

Nancy Coffin said...

Wow, Ustadh J.

Excellent podcasts! Thanks very much for putting these up, I will definitely tell my students about these next fall. Thanks!

Nancy Coffin
Princeton University

samina said...

Hi, i'm currently studying arabic at uni and occasionally find it hard to understand when the teacher tries to explain, but your podcast has helped me alot, i am very gratefull for you hardwork in putting this together.
I would like to know whether if in future i need any help with my arabic you have an email add which i could contact.
thank you once again,much appreciated

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this website and your posts. i am attempting arabic 101, 102, 103 and 104 this quarter. quite a large feat i know...only i will be relocating to al misr in the fall and so this is mass overload preparation for my 10 months or so abroad. i realllly appreciate these posts as i am also doing individualized study and at home alone can sometimes become a little overwhelming with a seemingly little frame of reference. i look forward to your future posts thru the rest of the book...or at least thru ch. 16 ;)

wonderful work!
i feel i speak for the rest when i say we appreciate your time and the little piece of yourself you have given to those whom you have never even met!

Ohio State Student

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus thanking you for these resources! I'm starting Part Two now so will not be using these as frequently anymore, but I really appreciated having them. Shukran jazeeran!

Frank The Tank said...

Thank you so much to further explain everything in in a format I can view on my iPhone! You have saved my Arabic career!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just thought I'd say thanks for posting these!

I hope you'll consider posting the rest of them, they are very useful.

Also, I wanted to mention that the links for the Chapter 11 podcasts do not appear to be working!

Heavensoul said...

Very well done Sir,
A great additional help to help me learn Arabic from the book we use at Uni.

Tom Leger said...

Very impressive! I wish I had these when I was learning arabic 10 years ago

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, I have found these very helpful!

Just wanted to add I hope you will someday be able to add the rest onto the website! I think a lot of people would find them to be quite useful! Thank you again!

winlin said...
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winlin said...

لقد قمت بوضع تسجيلك الصوتي في مدونتي لتعلم اللغة العربية

اذا كنت تسمح بذلك : )

Anonymous said...

Marhaba Ya Mumtastic Ustath J!
These are an invaluable student resource-- shourkan jazeelan to the infinite power!
Have you considered finishing your wonderful work to complete all of book one?

Anonymous said...


Great Job! May Allah Rewards you with all good in Dunia and The Hereafter

I'm bookmarking & downloading now..I also notice that few more pages still undone..may Allah give you strength to finish them at your most comfortable situation

Jazzakallah Khair,
Abdurrahman Bugis

C said...

Shukran jazilan ya ustazh J!! Any more podcasts forthcoming?? These are so very helpful.

Would really enjoy having them for the 2nd and/or 3rd books!

Still Thinking of a Title said...

This is a very commendable effort. I am directing my students to your blog to use while they are doing their work. It is always good to have the reinforcement.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in Egyptian Arabic, there is an additional site located at


Anonymous said...

OMG thank you so much, im a high school student and this helped alot! :D

harry said...

I am now at chapter 8, and I am really impressed with the quality of these podcasts. Really helped a lot.

No complaints about the contents, but I have had 2 issues:

1. the links on this page seem to be dead, for example I am getting errors when accessing

2. I found copies of the podcast somewhere else, but they stopped at lesson 10, and I am getting close to that one.

Anonymous said...

I think he stopped at 10.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy
I've just discovered this site, but the links aren't working!! :(
Help please! :)

Anonymous said...

will the links be active again? i would really appreciate it! thank you!

kamal said...

i am from indonesia. these files are wonderful. you are very resourceful. syukran jazila

Anonymous said...

Please post the last part of the book!!! This is amazing and I will be sure to pass it on to all University of Maryland Arabic students!!!

Anonymous said...


What do you think of Madinah books?

Anonymous said...

A great additional tool. Are chapters 11 - 20 available anywhere else? The link on this site is dead and they are not on the site.


Anonymous said...

None of the link works! Can you please post the correct link?

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Your podcast is amazing! I bought Al Kitaab to study on my own.. Please, don't stop your podcasts.

Ritabhi said...

Hi this is really a god collection, can someone please tell me if there is a .pdf version of Al Kitaab ,

Or any other source with a book and podcast to learn arabic

A lot of thanks who put such useful concern for free ,



Anonymous said...


just wondering if 11-20 are somewhere else? Amazing work!!

wafa said...

Thanks a million for sharing this. May I ask where the textbook is located!

Thanks again.